• Because STT is the number one single source company for electrical heating systems.

  • STT provides uniform operating temperature to full length of the pipeline, storageTanks, Reactors, Hoppers etc.

  • Unique multi-strand heating element.

  • STT is the only system which has enough power for rapid melt-out during restart after plant shutdown conditions.

  • Temperatures range from ambient to 200 C (Other temperature ranges can also be made as per customer’s requirements.).

  • Long circuit lengths up to 200 meters or more.

  • Short length up to 3 meters.

  • Latest technology backed by group resources.

  • Locations in hazardous or non-hazardous areas. System is waterproof for overland or buried piplines.

  • Approved by C.C.E. Nagpur & tested by CMRS, Dhanbad.
    1. Technical assistance by specialists. Provision of complete drawings, installation instructions and any technical field services you may desire.
      You just give us operating temperature and any process information essential for proper designing. STT will do the rest.

    2. Thermo-stats and special controls.

    3. Bounding seals, tape and miscellaneous specially components.
      Feasibility study system.


    Manufacture of heating equipm-
    ent supply and installation of
    equipment at site.

    Supply & installation of thermal-

    Supply & installation of tempera-
    ture control equipment.

    Training of client’s staff.

    Surveillance of site.


    Supply of operating manuals.

    Electrical power distribution cableing where required.